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Traditional Chinese Medicine

"Traditional Chinese Medicine does not seek in each disease any particular origin, does not classify thousands of kinds of diseases (as in classical medicine), nor does it examine them in isolation. Even in the case of looking at the matter from the point of view of the balance of the Qi, Yin-Yang and the five elements." (Jü Ta-Fang)

Facial rejuvenation techniques

Wrinkles are various deep dermatic grooves caused by changes in the skin and hypodermic tissue. They are a natural part of growing old. They are the most visible at those parts of the body that are mostly exposed to the sun x-rays. To reduce wrinkles I can offer you two procedures: cosmetic acupuncture or manual face lifting.


The usage of touch as a method of treatment has its roots in ancient history. Both western and eastern civilizations found that natural treatment and massages can heal wounds, relieve pain and help in the prevention and treatment of disease. And also they decrease stress, help with physical and emotional relaxation, relieve stiff muscles and joints, and improve the blood flow.